Elena Cruz has been producing and writing media content for the last 13 years - from corporate videos to non-fiction documentary series for networks including Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet and Travel.

She’s hunted for pythons in the Everglades, spent the night in a cell on Alcatraz, documented executives on a year-long global experiential learning journey,and interviewed dozens of inmates across the country. Her most memorable project was filming the world-famous Okie Noodling Tournament, where she followed an eccentric cast of characters as they used their bare hands to wrestle catfish from their holes in Oklahoma’s rivers and lakes.

Elena brings content to life through powerful storytelling. She believes that crafting a strong narrative starts with in-depth and engaging interviews that inspire audiences and spark emotional connections.

Collaborative, creative and flexible, Elena has hands-on knowledge of the production process from beginning to end, delivering more than 50 hours of programming on-time and on-budget.